Our solution is a software and hardware platform that is powered and managed by the cloud. We provide you with a tailored technology solutions that can scale and make your business grow.


Our platform is flexible and scalable. All devices on the SENS.ONE platform can be connected to the cloud to store, visualize and analyze received data. SENS.ONE is a platform that help you manage and control your IOT projects.

  • Hardware

    We develop and optimize hardware to fit your needs.
  • Software

    We design and develop the code to be perfect for your needs.
  • Communication

    We have optimized our technology so that it can communicate in several different ways.
  • Services

    We provide you with the services you want.
  • Support

    We are online 7-24 to help you.


From the SENS.ONE Cloud you will be able to setup and manage all the necessary tasks in your IOT project.


We can help you true the whole process. Our experience gives us the opportunity to develop hardware and software. We are a complete supplier for your IOT project.

  • Programming of sensor devices for remote configuration.
  • Building hardware
  • Graphical display of data collected by sensors.
  • Data storage for historical queries
  • Data download in the background
  • Communication of outgoing data captured by the devices
  • Availability to send the data from the devices to third party platforms
  • Management of device and cloud  subscriptions
  • Premium technical support service contracting.
  • Installation and manitanence


Feel free to contact in any question, proposal for collaboration or other exiting idea.